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Wellness Care

  • Annual Wellness​

  • Annual Vaccines

  • Anal Glands

  • Nail Trims

  • Nutritional Care

Small Animal Procedures


  • Lacerations and Wounds

  • PRP/Stem Cell

  • Radiographs and Ultrasounds

  • Allergy Care

  • Geriatric Medicine

  • Spay and Neuters

  • In-Depth Diagnostic Care

  • Consultations 

  • Oncology

Large Animal Procedures

  • Lacerations and Wounds

  • Castrations

  • Joint Injections

  • Radiographs and Ultrasounds

  • Geriatric Medicine

  • Hoof Testing

  • Coggins

  • Reproduction

  • Lameness

  • Pre-purchase Exams 

  • Herd Health

(Large and Small Animal)

  • Float​

  • Routine Cleaning

  • Extractions

  • Dental Radiographs

  • Gum Health

  • Dental Disease

  • After/At-home health care​


Surgery Consults

Depending on diagnostic exam, our team is able to
provide a wide variety of surgeries in-house.

Butte Veterinary Center also works closely with
Bridger Veterinary Specialists ​and their team of board
certified surgeons.


You can learn more about them at

End of Life Care & Cremation

We understand that making that final decision for your pet's care is a very difficult and sensitive time. At Butte Veterinary Center, we are able to offer end of life care and in-clinic cremation services. 





If any additional questions on services we can provide or would like an estimate, please call our office today!

Image by Annie Spratt
Brushing Dog's Teeth
At the Vet
Pet Urn
Dog in Cone
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