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2020 In-House Food Stock Update!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Our doctors have pooled their knowledge to create a list of BVC's Vet-Recommended Prescription Diets! We now stock various sizes of our Doctors' preferred diets in-house for better client accessibility. However, since Royal Canin and Hills both offer good product lines, we offer BOTH COMPLETE product lines on our website - and did we mention you get FREE HOME DELIVERY?!?!?!

Our 2020 Vet-Recommended Food List:

Allergy: Hydrolyzed Protein (Royal Canin)

Dental: T/D (Hills) & Dental (Royal Canin)

Diabetes: Glycobalance (Royal Canin)

Gastrointestinal: GI Lowfat/Fiber Response/High Energy (Royal Canin)

Intensive Care: Recovery Liquid Diet(Royal Canin)

Joint Care: Mobility (Royal Canin)

Kidney Care: Renal (Royal Canin) & K/D (Hills)

Skin: Skin Support (Royal Canin)

Urinary: Urinary SO Dry (Royal Canin) & C/D Stews (Hills)

Weight Management: Satiety (Royal Canin)

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