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COVID-19 Initial Update ~ (3/17/2020)

Dear Valued Friends & Clients: 

Butte Veterinary Center is diligently monitoring circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 health crisis and are praying for those affected around the world. We are thankful to be Montanans who live in a beautiful state which affords us some natural room to breathe. 

We are sensitive to and serious about the COVID-19 situation, yet we also recognize that our lifestyles involve various levels of animal care which remain essential even during times of crisis. We understand that many of the feed or animal health care products that we sell remain integral - and we will continue to purchase and stock these items to the absolute best of our ability.  

Butte Veterinary Center is committed to continuous and careful evaluation of the situation and will take appropriate actions in stride to aid in stopping the spread of COVID-19 ~ at all times remaining cognisant of our commitment to care for pets and their people, even during these chaotic times. 

At this time, and unless announced otherwise, we will continue to serve your needs as usual. Internally, we have implemented additional precautions throughout our facility to promote a sanitary environment that protects our employees, clients and patients. We are also offering additional services for your convenience. These services include:

  • BVC Online Pharmacy: You can have food, prescriptions and animal care products purchased directly from our clinic and delivered to your doorstep!

  • Clinic Carry-Out Service: One of our team members (with freshly sanitized hands) will bring food, prescriptions and animal care products from our clinic to your vehicle window! (Please call us at 406-299-2102 to request specific items and to pay over the phone with a credit card prior to carry-out.)

  • Curb-Side Pet Drop Off: If your pet needs to be examined, but you have a health concern that prevents you from coming inside, we are happy to accept Drop-Off Appointments at no additional charge. In order to properly evaluate your pet, we will need you to fill out our Drop Off Form in its entirety and provide a phone number that we can reach you at for questions or clarification. One of our team members (with freshly sanitized hands) will collect your pet at your vehicle for you.  

  • 24/7 Emergency On-Call Service: We remain available to serve your emergent needs outside of clinic hours. 

  • Access to CDC and AVMA-published information: We will post accurate information on our website and Facebook page as it becomes available to help you stay informed  (while sorting out hearsay). 

We are hopeful that in the coming weeks and months, the world will learn how to more effectively address the threats associated with the COVID-19 crisis. Our goal is to continue to be a valuable resource for our amazing clients and friends in the meantime.   

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